Meet Our Leadership Team

Jeff Lennberg – Project Estimator

Jeff Lennberg is a friendly, knowledgeable and articulate guy who has the demeanor of your favorite and toughest schoolteacher, which is what he graduated from college to do in the first place. But he paid his way through college working for a general contractor, learning and enjoying all sorts of building trades—most notably painting and carpentry. This made him an easy mark for Genesis owner Brandon Vincent. Reports Jeff, “I talked to Brandon for about 20-minutes and I was convinced that the vision he had for customer service, quality and doing the right thing was something I could put my life’s work behind.” That was more than 19 years ago. Jeff worked for a few weeks as a Genesis Painter, very quickly became a Project Manager, and then an Estimator. Asked about his work in general, Jeff exudes integrity, and you almost get the feeling he’s challenging you to be as forthright. He says, “Every customer is taken care of. If I tell them it will happen, it will happen. It better happen. Follow-through is very important to me. I want my word to be golden.” (We told you he has the demeanor of your favorite and toughest schoolteacher). A family man, dad to one young man going to college in Florida, and two wonderful young ladies going to school locally, he always puts them at top priority. Jeff is an accomplished guitar player, drummer, and singer. He also loves riding his motorcycle and spending time with his family. Ask him how he can help you with your painting project by emailing jeff@genesispainting.com.

Bob Salzman – Production Manager

Bob has been in the painting industry more than 20 years. He earned a degree in Police Science after leaving high school, gravitating to a job where he could “work directly with people and help them.” But a “temporary” gig at Hallman Lindsay Paints had him doing just that: dispensing advice and service to commercial contractors, and he loved it. So as a “people person,” it’s probably no wonder that Bob moved into retail, managing a Menard’s paint department before joining Genesis Painting as an Estimator/Product Manager. Asked what he likes about his career at Genesis, the first thing Bob said was, “It’s like family here…” Then he added, “…the thrill of meeting different people every day who have different needs. Every customer has a different central concern. Some people know a lot about paint. Some people know nothing about it. So you never know what kinds of questions customers might ask…or what they might need to know.” Bob says that the biggest change he has seen in the painting industry during the last 20 years has been the focus of eco-friendly products and processes. A family man, dad to two adult boys, recent grandpa, and self-described “sports nut,” Bob is a supporter of the American Kidney Foundation and the American Diabetes Society. Ask him how he can help you with your painting project by emailing bob@genesispainting.com.

Brandon Vincent – Owner/Founder of Genesis Painting

Brandon is über busy with his business and community work. So you might think the guy who over 20 years ago launched what has become the largest and fastest-growing painting company in Madison legitimately wouldn’t have time for you. But look up the word “approachable” in Webster’s and you’ll find Brandon’s picture there. (Okay, we’re kidding.) Suffice to say, like the folks he tends to surround himself with, Brandon is an extremely “other-focused” individual, trying to treat people how he would like to be treated in the same situation, and which you might recognize as The Golden Rule. Brandon learned how to paint—carefully—under the tutelage of his dad, who was in the home improvement business. Brandon began Genesis concentrating on superior craftsmanship, and quickly realized that his customers equally valued commensurately superior customer service, as well as an ironclad guarantee against anything going wrong in an industry where things often do. It wasn’t so much a marketing plan as a commitment to that Golden Rule.

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What Our Clients Say

I have been meaning to write you a quick note about how pleased I am with the job Eduardo and his son did on my condo! It is absolutely beautiful.

They were very professional and even vacuumed before putting the furniture back. I also enjoyed talking with Eduardo -- he is such a nice man! How refreshing to meet such polite people!

I want to thank you again for the wonderful job Genesis did for me!

-Patti Schuettler, Madison, WI