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Our Estimates and How We Price

At Genesis, we use PDCA data to accurately assess time & materials. And our Estimators have been at this for a very long time.

One of the largest areas of conflict between painting contractors and their customers is inaccurate estimates, which lead either to overpricing, or the contractor’s cutting corners to make up for his miscalculation.

You will never have that problem when you choose Genesis as your painting company.

You’re probably familiar with the concept of a flat-rate schedule for completing repairs. Data are collected about repairing or replacing a certain part for a certain machine over a certain amount of time. Then, someone does the math and figures out that it takes, say, an average of 30 minutes to do the job.

That way, the technician has some verifiable data upon which to base his estimate when a customer comes to him with that particular problem, instead of just guessing, which would motivate the technician to bid as highly as possible to cover the unknown.

The PDCA has conducted numerous studies to determine the average amount of time it takes to complete certain painting tasks. For example, to the untrained eye, a door might be just a door.

But while a plain door will consist of only a single surface that can be quickly prepped and easily painted with up & down strokes, a Victorian 6-panel behemoth will involve a top rail, middle rail, lock rail, bottom rail, two stiles, and the six raised panels.

That’s 12 different surfaces with nooks, crannies, and crevices that will need prepping for the new paint to adhere correctly, with different grains going in different directions, requiring much more skill, time, and attention to apply the paint correctly.

Multiply that oversight by a house full of doors, and you’re well down the road to a bad working relationship with the painting company, and an unsatisfactory “paint job.”

Our expert use of PDCA databases ensures an accurate estimate for both you and us, which combined with the fact that we compensate our personnel by the hour means that our Madison Painters always have the time necessary to complete your project, so that it looks the best and lasts the longest.


Why is Genesis your best and safest choice?

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What Our Clients Say

Hello - I wanted to send you a brief note about how pleased we were with the work completed. We had a small powder room that required a lot of extra processes because of the wallpaper that was on the walls.

Your crew took the time to explain the processes involved, how much time it would take, and what we could expect. His communication was excellent, always calling when he said he would and alerting us to any changes. He was very courteous about our time and home. If not for the paint on the walls, we would not have been aware someone was working in our home because of how neat he was with clean-up. One day when it was pouring rain, he even brought in some packages that the UPS man had delivered. This demonstrates and employee who truly cares about his customers.

We called Genesis because of the great work they did in our home in 2005 on our master bathroom. We were very pleased to receive the same if not better service from your company on this job. People like Eduardo make your business. Thanks again for the great work and service. We will continue to refer our friends and family to Genesis Painting.

-Melinda Uselmann,